Happy Birthday Talia!

We’re missing Talia’s birthday while we’re here on orientation.  Not that Talia’s too concerned.  She got a balloon at school today, she told us, and tonight she gets to spend the night at her best friend’s house.  I can’t believe that Talia is 6 already!  Where did the time go?!?

We’re almost done with orientation here too.  We just got back to the retreat centre after spending the day in the office.  The morning started with worship with all the eMi staff, and “commissioning” for the interns.  We split up into groups by the office we will be serving in, and various Colorado Springs staff prayed for each of us.  Over lunch, we got to help out at the local soup kitchen (the interns that are staying in Colorado Springs actually volunteer there every week).  Now we’re back, with a bit of down time before supper.

I feel like we’ve learned TONS this week, and we’ve really got a better idea of what the office here looks like, who does what, and how the Canadian office relates.  What a privelege to meet those who are currently serving with eMi.  We can’t wait to “officially” become part of the eMi family!

Tomorrow we start heading home.  Please pray for the weather to cooperate, as there’s supposed to be some nasty weather heading this direction, and we’ve heard that home has experienced its share of extreme winter weather in the last few days too.  Pray, too, for safe travel for the interns who are heading out to international offices.


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