Happy 2007!!

Hope you all had a good new year celebration — and a chance to sleep in this morning!  Our girls went to sleep SO nice last night, and slept in SO long this morning . . . maybe we should keep them up ’til midnight every night 😉

We had invited a few families over for a casual new year’s eve of visiting and games after the New Year’s Eve service . . . but those we thought were confirmed cancelled, and the “maybes” never came . . . so we had a quiet family night.   We played a few games, watched a Beauty& the Beast Read-along DVD in English, French AND German (the girls, grandma & I went to see a stage production of Beauty & the Beast on Saturday, so Talia is “into” Belle right now) and then we watched another kids movie until just before the countdown.

The girls have had SUCH an exciting week . . . toboganning, skating, skiing, theatre, parties . . . I’m wondering how quickly they’ll get bored this week.  That said, they might just NEED a quiet week before they head back to school (and to grandma’s house for 10 days while Kevin & I are doing eMi staff orientation.)

Well, many blessings for the new year! I’m off to see if my family wants lunch yet . . .


One thought on “Happy 2007!!

  1. Crystal

    Happy New Year! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful holiday so far! But it is an adjustment back to “reality” … isn’t it?!?

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