Happy Holidays!

No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth . . . we’re just still busy enjoying our holidays!  We had wonderful Christmas – we started with our gift exchange at Grandma & Grandpa’s house on the 23rd — that’s when the WHOLE Wiens clan was together (our little part of it, anyways 🙂 ).    Despite a couple trips to the emergency room for antibiotics (Kaisa for an ear infection and her cousin for a chest infection) we all had a good time.  We got some neat family games as presents — and a family pass to the Calgary Zoo!  Now the girls REALLY want to move to Calgary soon 🙂

Christmas Eve we went toboganning with the neighbours . . . what a blast . . . and ended up having an impromptu supper together (I had pizza dough in the bread machine, and they brought over some toppings . . . it worked great!).  We had to eat and run, though, (usually it’s the guests that do that, not the hosts 😉 ) since we were picking up  one of the English Corner girls for the Christmas Eve service.  Afterwards, we headed over to Grandma’s house, put the kids to bed there again, and played some games (ever played Apples to Apples?  Robin & Sara got that for Christmas, and it’s a RIOT!).

Christmas morning was lots of fun!  The girls managed to stay in bed (well, our bed) until almost 8 o’clock.  Then, after reading the Christmas story, the morning was spent discovering what goodies were hidden under the Christmas tree.  The hit?  Kleenex!  The girls got a purse full of hair accessories from my aunt, and in there were “fancy kleenex” – and the girls were SO thrilled to have their very own!  From us, the girls got some “china cabinets” for their “special stuff” – my Dad had made those for me as a kid, and Kevin replaced the glass in one, and repainted them both a bright pink.  Then he sent them following a map to find them.  They were excited – and, of course, that meant we had to rearrange their room right away so that they’d fit.

Christmas supper was at Grandma’s again . . . good food, more games . . .

We hosted on Boxing Day for a Waffle Brunch (well, technically it was lunch time already . . . ) and then spent the rest of the week so far relaxing.  Kevin’s off ’til after the new year, so we’re still doing a bunch of family stuff.  We’ve been out skating at the oval a couple times (I can’t believe how confident the kids have gotten on skates.  Today we took the hockey sticks, and Kaisa was a natural!  Talia still prefers skating around to hitting the puck though).  Kevin’s trying to get some projects done around the house, and I’m trying to get back into decluttering mode . . . I managed to clear out another box of books today.

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas . . . and, just in case I don’t post in the next few days . . . have a Happy New Year!


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