My Christmas Cards are done!

I have a few more to hand deliver, and a handful that I’m still searching for addresses for . . . but other than that, my Christmas cards are printed, written, addressed, stamped AND mailed off. It was quite the family project this year – Kevin & I both wrote the cards, I addressed them, the girls stuck on the stamps and return address labels . . . for Kevin’s coworkers, I printed out the same card, just in label size, and we tied the labels on to little bundles of walnuts (from Oma & Opa’s tree). They actually turned out quite cute, and Talia & Kaisa had a fun time handing them out last Friday. The girls have also been busily creating little gifts for their teachers (between all their activities, the numbers add up). This year we melted down glycerin soap bars and the girls made little decorative soaps out of them. Only one problem — the glycerin soap that I’d been saving all year didn’t actually melt. Good thing one of the local dollar stores was going out of business – they had the right kind of soap! So, to use up all the non-meltable glycerin soap that we had tried, we cut it into chunks and made some bigger soaps with colourful chunks in it. The girls had fun and they’re excited about giving out the finished product.

This weekend was pretty busy for us. Kevin’s brother & family arrived on Friday, so we dropped by there for lunch and visiting time. Then, that evening was Kevin’s work Christmas Party. Part of the Christmas party is always a powerpoint presentation of the year in review – this year, they also did a special powerpoint presentation honouring Kevin’s 10+ years with the company as he moves on to eMi. (They said they weren’t sure how long he’d still be here, but they didn’t figure he’d make it ’til the next Christmas party!).

Saturday was the KidzChurch Christmas program practice . . . and since Pastor Rudy nabbed me to read the “Jewish Living” explanations during the program, that included me too. (I just hope there wasn’t anyone at the actual performance who’s a Hebrew scholar and could correct my pronunciation 😉 ). Kevin & I had the afternoon off then, as the kids were both at a friend’s birthday party. We did a bit of shopping, and then actually had time to go out and enjoy a hot chocolate before we had to pick up Talia and Kaisa. What a treat :).

Sunday, I was ready to give up! I got a bit of a nap in after church, then got up specifically to make cookies with the kids – we were supposed to bring a tray of goodies to the Christmas concert. Halfway through the recipe – I realized these cookies contain nuts, and we’re not allowed to have nuts in the church! I decided to go buy cream puffs instead – but the grocery store didn’t have any. I ended up taking a box of mandarin oranges instead. It worked, but I was a bit frustrated by then! The Christmas concert itself was beautiful. All the kids did a great job (though Kaisa and the other 4 yr olds were pretty tired by the end!). We didn’t stay too long for the visiting, since Kevin was feeling well – he actually spent the day home in bed today (which meant Kaisa didn’t have to come with me to drop off and pick up Talia – she didn’t get out of her pajamas ’til about an hour ago, I think). Right now the girls are outside with some neighbour kids, enjoying the snow. Though it was pretty cold all weekend, it’s warmed up again, and the girls are enjoying the fresh air!

Tonight, the Awana group has rented out the ice rink, so we’ll be heading over there after supper. Hopefully, that means Talia & Kaisa will sleep quickly and well! And maybe I’ll get a bit of quiet time to catch up on all the computer stuff I’ve been neglecting (or maybe I’ll just curl up with a good book . . . )


One thought on “My Christmas Cards are done!

  1. Crystal

    Good for you … getting your cards done! Yeah! Glad you have had so many fun things to do this season. And hopefully you get time for some rest too!


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