Plaxo updates . . . and a good long weekend

First, just a quick note to say that we’ve sent out Plaxo updates to a bunch of people on our contact list. Plaxo is a neat little program that lets you automatically receive people’s most current contact information. You don’t have to sign up to update your info . . . so if you don’t mind checking that we have the right info, that would be great.

Then, back to our weekend . . . it felt like a really short week, since we only got back on Tuesday evening. And then we got an extra long weekend to boot!

With the long weekend, half our Bible Study group was out of town . . . but the two of us who were left had dinner together on Friday night and really enjoyed the visit.

Saturday, we all slept in. There were no alarms set, no specific plans . . . I don’t think the kids actually got out of their PJs ’til after lunch. That evening, after supper, we went for a walk around the block. There’s something magical about a walk in dark on a snowy night. Kaisa & Talia discovered snow sparkles (and tried to point out every sparkle to Daddy). We spun around like snowflakes, “skated” on the road, jumped into huge piles of snow . . . and, of course, had some hot cocoa when we got home.

Sunday, it was back to “work”. We were speaking at the E-Free church . . . and Kevin was again giving a message. We came early enough so that the kids could go to Sunday School (while we set up our display) . . . and actually had a chance to show some of our display stuff to a few of the Sunday School kids between the service. One kid came over to try his hand at “master planning” the Guatemala site . . . after getting some feedback from me on what worked and didn’t work with his design (he did pretty well!), he found some of his friends and presented the design to them! Possibly a future engineer? ;). Another was enthralled by the top from Brazil (the floors there aren’t carpeted – perfect for top spinning 🙂 ).

The service itself went well – despite a glitch with the video that had me doing my part of the presentation first and revising it to make sense without the video! What a different church than Kaleden though. In Kaleden, the congregation is very “responsive” – whether that’s clapping, laughing, or otherwise responding to what you’re saying. At the E-Free, the congregation is very silent. They’re not listening any less – that’s evident from the conversations we had with people afterwards – it’s just a different way of doing things. (And, of course, in a quieter congregation, I’m always much more self-conscious about how noisy my kids are being! The girls are DEFINITELY not used to sitting through a service any more – though they were surprised when the service was over. They were still waiting for the pastor to come up and preach 😉 ). I enjoyed a chance to listen to Kevin speaking. His message hit home. And it was great to talk to people after the service – including a former Sunday School student of mine! Somehow, I’m always especially excited when former Sunday School students sign up to be prayer partners!

The rest of Sunday was a family day. We took the girls to cosmic bowling (and I think they both got higher scores than I did!) and then went to Grandma & Grandpa’s for supper.

Today, Talia had a playdate arranged with a school friend – and ended up staying ’til just before supper. So Kaisa got to pretend to be an only child for the day (including a special date with Daddy). Then, after supper, the girls had Awana – but I didn’t have English Corner, so I got a special date with Daddy :). Talia was thrilled to get her Sparks vest finally (she didn’t quite have her sparks song down last time, and then we missed a Monday while we were in Penticton).

Now it’s on to another week – a short week, but it’s bound to be busy . . .


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