Whirlwind Trip

Four days of travelling, two birthday parties (1 for the adults, 1 for the kids), one speaking engagement and lots and lots of friends and relatives . . . that about sums up our whirlwind trip to the Okanagan. And we made it home in time for Talia & Kaisa’s swimming lessons 😀

We got home yesterday afternoon, and it seems like we’ve been away for SUCH a long time . . . but it really was only a weekend with a day or two tacked on to either end. There’s so many people we didn’t get a chance to see . . . but the trip did serve its dual purpose of celebrating with my parents and sharing at “my” church. Hopefully sometime in the not-to-distant future we’ll get to spend some more leisurely time there, but until then, this will have to do.

Today, the girls enjoyed a completely quiet day. Other than school for Talia, there was absolutely nothing planned . . . and I think that was exactly what Talia & Kaisa needed. Tomorrow, everything starts up again — it’s Kaisa’s “special day” at preschool (she’s taking Grandpa), plus it’s wacky hair day. Talia has arranged a playdate with a boy (this is my girl who comes home from school saying “I sat by Alexandria, Yuna, Kayla & a boy . . . ” – so this is quite a first for her). There’s swimming lessons, Kevin has a meeting . . . sigh . . . life is back to normal 🙂


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