Missions Day 2

It’s been another full, busy & exciting day. I snuck out this morning to attend the prayer breakfast and sure enjoyed the updates of what was going on in the lives of all our missionaries (plus a breakfast of muffins & fruit that I didn’t have to prepare ;)). I got home to Kevin hard at work decluttering downstairs, so I joined in — and managed to get the carpet cleared enough to vacuum!!! (Those of you who have been in our downstairs family room/ playroom know that that’s no small feat!). Then we all had to take some time to take a walk outside . . . we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning — we actually got about 8 inches of snow by this afternoon. The girls donned their snowpants and touques, and we had a good time finding out just how many kinds of tracks we could make in the snow :). What a nice relaxing break. Tonight we had dinner at Grandma & Grandpa’s – along with the Warkentins, the Reimers, and the Lepps. Talia & Kaisa LOVED being the centre of attention of so many grandparents. And then it was off to Rob & Penny’s for tonight’s sharing time. We showed a bit of an eMi video, answered lots of questions, and tried to share more of the vision of eMi. It was also another fun – but late – night for the girls as they got Michaela and Sarah all to themselves for the duration.

I did finally manage to get the October Prayer Letter up — it’s not as pretty as the e-mail version, but it’s got the same content 🙂 We tried a new format for our e-mail this time, but we’re still waiting to hear if it comes through okay or whether people are having difficult with it. Please let us know if you had any problems, so that we can adjust accordingly.


One thought on “Missions Day 2

  1. Crystal

    Thank you for sharing at Kidz Worship on Sunday! It was perfect for the kids … and so great to see you guys “in action”.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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