Preparations . . .

Kevin & I set aside this afternoon to spend some time working on the presentations, powerpoints, and displays that we’ll be needing in the next few weeks. Next weekend is mission’s conference at our church — for us, that means a Friday evening “Sidewalk Cafe” display booth, a Saturday evening presentation at a church family’s home (the McKinnon’s are hosting us, so we don’t have far to go 😉 ), a Sunday Morning Kidz Worship presentation during first hour, and a 2-3 min “overview” of where we’re at during second service. WHEW! Then the following weekend, we’ll be in Kaleden, sharing about what we’re doing — and Kevin will be giving the message! Kevin’s also been asked to give the message the weekend after that at another church here in Fort St. John. Nothing like jumping into this missionary thing with both feet 😆 .

Please pray for us . . . pray as we prepare, pray that we’ll be sharing GOD’s vision for eMi (and for our lives), pray that the technology will enhance the message and not distract from it . . . pray that people’s lives will be touched . . .


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