Almost 50 %

I got to update my ticker twice today 🙂 (for the uninitiated . . . that’s the cute little butterfly below all the links that shows how far along we are in raising our monthly support 🙂 ). We finally got our September accounting from YWAM today, and were pleasantly surprised! We’re not as far off of 50 % as we expected to be (“oh yea of little faith” 😉 ). We might even be a few percent higher than what’s shown – we’re just not always sure whether a donation is monthly or one-time . . . and then tonight after coming home from Bible Study, we had another phone call about support. Somehow, the 50 % has felt like a big barrier. I know there’s still a long ways to go from 50 to 100, but right now we’re VERY close to 50, and that’s exciting.

Bible Study was great too — it was our first meeting of “doing life together,” mostly just a potluck and get-to-know you session. It was LOUD (with 8 kids there . . . even with an absolutely amazing babysitter . . . that’s to be expected). But I think we’re going to enjoy the group immensely. It’s been a long time since we’ve done an evening home group — both because of schedules and because of the kids. And it’s a great bunch of people. So I’m pretty excited. Good thing we get to sleep in tomorrow though . . . the kids were up about 3 hrs past their bedtime (that’s why this Bible Study is on a FRIDAY!).

Oh, and a quick side note. Greg (another eMi staffer from Calgary) left for Zambia yesterday. Please pray for his team as they work and minister there. They’ll be back on the 25th.


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