It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood . . .

What a gorgeous day! I started out with a t-shirt, shirt, sweater, and jacket, and it didn’t take long ’til I was down to my t-shirt. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for a garage sale — it was nice and sunny, and even didn’t get too windy until the last couple hours. And the garage sale really was relatively stress-free. Penny stuck around and helped much of the time — where am I EVER going to find a neighbour like that in Calgary?!?  She even made us breakfast this morning!  And “By donation” took away all the stress of haggling and feeling like I didn’t get what something is worth. We still had a truckload of stuff to take to the thrift store afterwards, and I have boxes and bags in the car for the pregnancy care centre, the library, and the literary society — but then it’s GONE. Ready for round two of decluttering 😉

I AM exhausted now though . . . I think I’ll veg out in front of the computer for a while before I tackle a few more things that need to be done tonight . . .


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