First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Talia’s big day – and, no surprise, she LOVED kindergarten.  She loved getting her “Zuckertuete” too — though I guess I did it all wrong; I gave it to her BEFORE I took her to kindergarten, and I was actually supposed to meet her with it AFTER her first day in class.  Oh well — she didn’t complain, and it would have been much harder to make after class work, since I only have 15 mins between when Talia’s class is done and when I need to pick up Kaisa.  Oh — for the uninitiated, a “Zuckertuete” is a HUGE cone full of goodies (candies, school supplies, toys, etc) that German children get on their very first day of school.  Oma Oma (my grandma) has made one for each of her great-grandchildren.  This year she actually had to make a second cone, since TWO of her grandchildren were starting kindergarten (and since the other one is in Penticton, it would have been kind of hard to share 😉 ).  Wish I could post some pictures, but my camera is sent out 😦 so I’m back to film for a while . . . (my girls couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t show them the pictures right away . . . that’s how cameras work, isn’t it?).


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