The girls are both “orientated” and all set for the first day of school :).  Though when I picked Talia’s “Kindergarten Interview” date, I certainly didn’t realize that Kaisa’s preschool orientation would be on the same day!!  That made life a bit complicated – good thing Grandma’s in town! The overlap was only a few minutes . . . but at least this way I didn’t have to rush.  Talia got to meet her teacher and 3 other kids – though only one of them will be in the AM class with her.  She has her first day of school next Thursday, but with staggered entry, only half the class will be there that day.  Kaisa got to try out all the toys in the preschool room (she already did ALL their puzzles . . . ) and she was excited to find one of Talia’s classmates from last year in her class.  Kaisa starts preschool on Tuesday.  I’ll get two mornings a week without kids — that’ll certainly take some getting used to (though I have no doubt that I’ll find plenty to fill the time ;))


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