Camping adventures . . .

Well, we left at noon on Friday, in hopes of getting some sites at Moonshine Lake (which doesn’t take reservations in any way, shape or form).  Nope . . . by the time we got there, Moonshine Lake was full, and so were the next TWO campgrounds we got to.  With our friends’ BIG trailer and our little one, we figured we’d need two sites . . . and by now it was getting later in the evening in what looked to be an absolutely GORGEOUS long weekend . . . we were starting to wonder if we were going to find a place to sleep (well, there would have always been the Wal-mart parking lot in Grande Prairie, I guess 😆 ).  We ended up just outside of Fairview, in their very last site (good thing it was LONG . . . we managed to accomodate both our trailers in a single site!).    Nothing we’d intentionally make that long a drive to . . . but we had fun nonetheless.  The kids played and played and played.  The parents visited and relaxed.  We tried out the playground and the ball diamonds, took some bike rides into town, in general had a good time.

Tonight we spent clearing out our living room – literally.  Tomorrow afternoon we’re getting our carpets cleaned.  We’re just hoping they don’t call and cancel now ;).


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