Answered Prayer

God loves to answer our prayers, doesn’t he?  A few days ago, after feeling a bit discouraged with how support raising was going, Kevin & I started praying that God would provide us with 25 % support by the end of the month.  The very next day we had a (completely unexpected) pledge form come in.  Then yesterday – a Saturday – our neighbour came by with a letter that had been mistakenly delivered to her house while they were on holidays.  Maybe God didn’t want us to get it before we started praying specifically  😉  Inside, of course, was another pledge form.  We’re now within $10 of our goal!  Are we encouraged?  Definitely!  Pray with us for the $10 that’s sure to show up in the next few days 🙂

We also got our prayer letter done tonight.  If you didn’t receive a copy, we’ve posted it here.  Let us know if you’d like to receive updates.


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