photographerI forgot how tiring it was spending that much time with that many kids.  I guess I didn’t actually think that I’d have that much personal interaction just by taking pictures.  Maybe I just forgot how much kids like getting their picture taken . . . 😉  Plus, since I was generally available and wandering, I picked up odd jobs here and there . . . finding missing groups and kids and “Bible Buddies” . . . it was a great week — but I’m STILL tired (I can only IMAGINE how tired Crystal & Rudy must be!).

Thankfully, my cold stayed away until DVBS was over . . . we spent the afternoon at the fall fair today, so right now I’m battling a combination of a cold, allergies, and too much sun . . . you’d think by now I’d know better 😦  But hey, I got a nap in this afternoon, and I should be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow.

Kaisa's CastKaisa’s  “owie leg” continues to be getting a lot of attention . . . especially now that the Doctor decided to cast it.  Friday morning we met him BEFORE DVBS, just to review the follow-up x-rays.  Kaisa was practically running the night before, so I certainly didn’t expect anything to come up.  But there’s still a slight buckle in the bone below the knee — so the Doctor wanted to immobilize it for a few weeks to give it a chance to heal and make sure it doesn’t get injured further.  So, Kaisa got a full-leg cast Friday morning, and we went straight from the hospital to DVBS (Her poor group leader had to carry her around for a couple hours until the cast hardened enough for her to stand and walk on it).  So far, Kaisa doesn’t mind.  She likes the attention she’s getting, she’s figured out how to move pretty fast in it, and I think she’s just glad it doesn’t hurt as much now that it’s immobilized.  I’m sure that’ll change in a few days – but thankfully, the cast is only supposed to stay on for about 3 weeks.

Tonight was mission’s prayer meeting at our church.   I was feeling out of it enough that I didn’t really want to go — but you know, I’m so glad I went.  We have some amazing prayer warriors in our church – and it’s comforting to know that they’re praying for us now as we’re preparing to go, and that they will be praying for us when we’re “on the field”.  But you know, the other thing that struck me was how much discouragement there is among our missionaries.  I guess that’s a reminder that I need to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY . . . and a reminder why we need to be extra-sure to have a faithful team praying for us as we go too.  I’ll have to do another prayer letter (prayer e-mail) soon — but it’s hard, because it seems that so little has happened since the one we sent out in the beginning of the summer.  We really just need people to keep praying for more of the same — our support team, logistics, wisdom (lots and LOTS of wisdom) . . .


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