It’s Wednesday, and everyone was dragging a little bit at DVBS today . . . Talia & Kaisa both needed Mommy at various times (the problems of being the “photographer” and trying to slip in and out of groups unnoticed when your own kids are in the groups . . . ).  But we’ve got an amazing 190-some kids signed up for DVBS, and they all seem to be having tons of fun.  I’ve got the BEST job . . . I get to go see what everyone’s doing, snap some 300+ pictures each day, then hand them over to Crystal to pick 40 or 50 of them to go into a powerpoint presentation for the next morning 🙂

Today the kids DEFINITELY needed a nap.  Kaisa’s still sleeping, Talia just had an extended quiet time.  Then tomorrow, it’s back to the FIESTA . . .


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