Two Birthdays & the Emperor’s Challenge

After two false starts at camping these last two weeks, we finally made it this weekend. We headed to Tumbler Ridge where Kevin was to run the Emperor’s Challenge – a half marathon mountain run. Talia decided she wanted to run the kids race, so we registered her and picked up Kevin’s package on Friday night (Kaisa wanted to run too, but we managed to convince her that hobbling 2.2 Km probably wasn’t in her best interest :(). Saturday we drove out to the race start – and with signs like this on the way up, we knew Kevin was in for a tough run ;):


That said, it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a race. Not too hot, but nice and sunny. Talia was pretty impressed to be one of the racers, just like Daddy.


The adults started at 9, the kids a half-hour later. Talia hooked up with a few older kids, and she ran when they ran and walked when they walked . . . and managed to finish in about 18 minutes. The rest of the morning, she enjoyed playing with her new friends, enjoying the free hotdogs, and cheering on the runners coming through the finish line.
Kevin’s race took a little bit longer . . . but he managed the 20+ km in 2:09 . . . and was still smiling at the end! He was definitely in the top 10% (actually coming in immediately after the first female runner), but we’re waiting for the results to be posted to find out exactly what place he was in.

We HAD to come back back for the awards ceremony, since we found out that Talia was actually getting a prize. She managed to get first place for the under 7 girls. I think there was only 4 of them, but that’s beside the point . . . Talia got a HUGE trophy, and she was SO proud . . . she even slept with it that night.

sleeping with her trophy
We did get a bit of camping in that evening and this morning. The girls knew the little girl in the campsite next to us, and they enjoyed playing together. This morning we walked along the path by the creek, through a culvert, and back again . . . Kaisa was mostly in the stroller, but she managed to climb the steep parts too, since Daddy couldn’t push her up those. It really was a perfect morning.

We did have two birthdays this weekend, too . . . Kevin’s, on Friday, we kind of celebrated the day before when Kevin & I joined some others to try again at the geocaching (and actually found the cache this time!). Kaisa was very disappointed to discover that she wasn’t getting ANOTHER party today since it was her REAL birthday 🙂 but she was happy with her bag of goodies anyways. This next week is DVBS, so it’s bound to be both exciting and BUSY.


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