The end of an era . . . an injury . . . and a very buggy birthday . . .

Well, Ken came by tonight to say good-bye — Dayle & the kids left yesterday already (she’s taking the kids down to the Island while Ken actually moves the stuff). The moving truck is packed, and he’s heading off early tomorrow morning. It feels a bit like the end of an era — it’ll be SO different not having the cousins right in town. Robin & Sara were up this weekend, so Grandma & Grandpa actually had ALL their kids and grandkids over for supper on Sunday night. And now the Fort St. John “Wiens Clan” dispersal has officially begun . . .

Not that I had much time to think about that today. Today was Kaisa’s birthday party (we had planned it when we thought Rebecca could still make it, so it was a bit early). She had QUITE the buggy birthday bash, with pin the spot on the ladybug (lick & stick oreos ;)), the great cocoon wrap, a spider web to unravel, a bug hunt, catepillar limbo, a beehive pinata, ladybug cake, and a butterfly bubble catch. I took SO many pictures. Everyone seemed to have fun, and Kaisa is one tired little girl.

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The complication — yesterday, Kaisa decided to hurt her knee 😦 , so she wasn’t actually walking today at her party (of course, she had Michaela as her personal “chauffeur” — both with piggyback rides and wagon rides — she even did the limbo in her wagon). She hurt herself yesterday while playing on a trampoline. We didn’t think much of it at the time — we thought she was just tired and was making a big deal of a little bump. But, when after a nap and three hours she STILL wasn’t putting weight on her leg, we started to get a bit more concerned. We took her in to emergency last night (mostly because I didn’t want to have to do it in the morning before her party). The x-rays don’t show anything broken, and Kaisa was pretty impressed with her Tim Bear, her tensor bandage, and her “money” (she decided her hospital card must be a credit card ;)). She’s been hobbling around a bit — though I think she’s also discovered the power of a little sympathy . . . hopefully she’ll be on the mend soon.

Hurt Kaisa


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