Parties Galore

Our evenings suddenly got busy.  On Tuesday, a few of the Asian students invited us over to Penny’s house for a Sushi party.  I got to learn how to make both Japanese and Korean sushi (Kimpop) — and Penny added some “Canadian” (candy) sushi to the mix too (made like rice crispy squares, with green fruit roll up as the “seaweed” and a piece of gummi worm as the “filling” — looks cute and tastes good!  I liked the crab sushi best, the girls liked the candy sushi best (though they actually liked the real sushi too — and the Korean omelet-type thing), and even Kevin said the sushi was pretty good!

Then yesterday was Tanya and my impromptu Turkey party.  I wanted to clean out my freezer, and asked Tanya if she’d like to help me get rid of a turkey — since Tony & Tanya do a wonderful job of deep frying Turkey.  So we figured we might as well invite a few others.  Well, by the time we were done, we had invited too many people for my little turkey — so we decided to trade.  Tanya pulled her bigger turkey out of the freezer, and she’s getting mine.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate – but the party seemed to be a “smashing success” (as Kevin put it) anyways.  The only downside — we had to leave early ’cause Kaisa got sick.  I’m desperately hoping that she didn’t pass on whatever she came down with to all the other kids at the party.

Today, I’ve been tidying up a bit — I still need to finish packing for camping, and finish planning Kaisa’s birthday party.  Kaisa spent all morning asleep on the couch, and now she’s moved to the back porch.  I’m hoping that it’s just a 24-hr thing and that Talia doesn’t get it.  We want to join friends camping AND spend some time with Robin & Sara who are coming up tonight for a few days.  And everyone HAS to be well for Kaisa’s party on Tuesday.


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