What a weekend!

I don’t think we could have packed any more adventures into our weekend if we tried! It all started Friday night. We headed to Tony & Tanya’s house after dinner, and Tanya asked if we’d ever heard of geocaching. Well, I had — a scrapbooking friend of mine had told me about it, and it had sounded neat (it’s essentially a treasure hunt using a GPS). . . I had even gone so far as to find out that there was a “cache” located in the Community Forest here in Fort St. John. Well, Tanya had checked it out too — and we all decided on the spur of the moment that we should try it out. I mean, how bad could it be . . .it was a difficulty rating of 1, and the description read “The cache is located just off a main trail in a well used forested area known as the Community Forest.” The kids were excited about the idea of a “treasure hunt” and off we went. Well, either our coordinates were off or “just off the main trail” means different things to different people . . . after a fair bit of bushwhacking (or “bookwhashing” as Kaisa called it the next morning) which we weren’t dressed for (most of us were in shorts and sandals), we finally gave up. Kevin said he was on top of the coordinates, but the grass was high enough that you wouldn’t be able to just see it. And the kids were DEFINITELY wearing thin at this point. So we gave up, with promises to try again on a date-night WITHOUT the kids. Kaisa was thrilled — she still found a treasure — a golf-ball from the nearby golfcourse. We finally made it back to the cars at about 10:30 (you should have seen Talia’s eyes glow when we told her she was up past Mommy & Daddy’s Bedtime :)). The kids really were troopers though — and I think (other than the scratches from all the bramble bushes) they really had fun.

Saturday we let the girls sleep in, and kept things pretty quiet in the morning. Kevin & Ken took their Dad golfing. We were going to join the cousins at a playground, but the weather was iffy enough that we just headed to their house (well, actually, Grandma’s house right now) and visited until the guys got home. (Dayle & I kept ourselves entertained with lots of scrapbooking talk). Then we took the whole crew swimming and had a blast! It’s so much fun now that the girls are confident enough with their water wings that we can really play in the “big pool”. And Kaisa loved pulling Maryn around the wave pool. I’ll really miss this when all the cousins are scattered . . . they play SO well together and are such good friends.

It was POURING rain by the time we got back to Grandma’s (not that it mattered — we were all wet from swimming anyways — but we were pretty glad we weren’t camping). We all enjoyed Grandpa’s blueberry pancakes, and headed home to do it all again the next day.

On Sunday, we got to put our eMi display up again. We had it down for a while, since we’d been gone a few Sundays. James & Ann – some missionaries from our church – were home. It was great to hear what’s going on in their lives. I had Talia counting “you”‘s during the singing — mostly to keep her occupied and not distracting people around her — but it turned into a neat mini-lesson about who the “you” in all these songs was.

Sunday afternoon is when Kevin does his long run (I think this was the longest he’ll do before the actually race). This week, Talia & Kaisa decided they want to run too. So, Daddy took them running around the block with him. Getting all decked out took at least as long as the run (they needed running shoes, a waist pouch with a drink, and a baseball cap — just like Daddy). They sure enjoyed it (though Kevin said they had to stop for a drink at every corner):

Running with Daddy

While Kevin was running, the neighbour girls came over to keep my girls company — and then later the neighbour kids from across the street joined in too. So much for a quiet time — the girls were occupied right up until we left for dinner at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

After dinner, the guys took the kids to the park to run off whatever enery they had left — and then we managed to put them all down in various beds throughout the house so that we could play a game of Tuck. We hadn’t done that for a long time — and the girls even won 🙂 🙂

Today — well, today the girls had a “jungle party” at the library, lunch and the afternoon with friends . . .


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