Yup . . .

God’s definitely laughing at me 😉  Since that first set of post-dated cheques that “spoiled” my post, we’ve received another commitment of a one-time donation, another set of post-dated cheques, and another pledge form . . . I even got to move my little butterfly at the bottom of the blog that shows how far along we are in raising our monthly support . . .

No camping this weekend, after all — the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate.  We’ll try to do something fun tomorrow afternoon instead.  That’s okay though . . . I might actually get some clean up and decluttering done that way . . . I haven’t done much all week, so I’d better get back at ‘er.


3 thoughts on “Yup . . .

  1. Crystal

    I hadn’t noticed your butterfly at the bottom of the screen before! Oops. But I can’t read what the writing says next to it. Is there a direct link to get the exact info?

  2. You can see the butterfly bigger if you right-click and view image. Unfortunately, there’s not much extra info — just the title. Since there’s no such thing as a “fundraising” ticker, I’ve actually modified a weight-loss ticker. One end is 0, the other is 100, and I just enter the “percentage of monthly support committed” manually. It’s kind of fun though 🙂

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