The Slow Days of Summer

There is no doubt that God has a sense of humour! Yesterday I got this far on a post for the blog before I took the girls to a friend’s house, fully intending to finish it later that day:

We’ve been having gorgeous HOT weather (I know, I know — this would still be considered a COOL summers day in the Okanagan, but hey, I’ve been here 10 years and I’ve acclimatized ;)) and the days have taken on a slow relaxing sort of routine that involves lots of outside time for the girls and lots of playdates and lots of just plain summer fun . . .

Of course, other things have slowed down for the summer too. I dropped off our last ThankYou card at church on Sunday . . . we got our list of financial supporters from YWAM

I was still going to write about the nice surprise and encouragement of finding a one-time donation we didn’t know about on the list, but how other than that, support raising seems to have slowed down completely — though not unexpectedly, since it IS the middle summer . . .

Well, I got to my friends house, and she handed me a stack of postdated cheques . . . okay, I’d have to revise what intended to write in my blog, but I could still make it work, surely . . . (by the way, we’re OVER 20% of monthly support committed now — YAY 🙂 )

I didn’t get back to my blog last night (Grandma & Grandpa took the girls overnight, and Kevin & I had a long overdue date night . . . much more fun than playing on the computer 🙂 )

So today I pulled up my saved post, and was ready to finish it. I reread it, looked out the window and realized that it was grey and about to rain . . . it seems that nothing in my post yesterday applies to today . . . I thought the slow days of summer were supposed to be a bit on the monotonous side . . . and I seem to have this feeling that God is laughing at me 😉


2 thoughts on “The Slow Days of Summer

  1. Jenn

    Hi Michele:
    I wish I lived up there right now. It is sooooo stifling hot here in the Okanagan that it takes your breath away.
    So thankful that your support is coming in. He is TRULY faithful.
    Love ya,

  2. Crystal

    Glad you have been having moments to enjoy this beautiful summer we have been having! 🙂

    Let’s keep praying that your support comes in!

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