Decluttering . . . progress?

Well, the decluttering process is well underway. Of course, as a packrat, I have a long ways to go yet. I’ve probably made the most progress in my books . . . I started with about six six-foot high shelves worth, and I’ve been steadily dismantling my collection. Yesterday, Crystal looked through my “decluttered” books and found a big boxfull she could use, Penny took some, Karen took some — I was THRILLED. It’s so much easier to GIVE my things away than it is to sell them, for some reason. I’m glad their going to good homes (I just have to be careful – otherwise the husbands won’t let their wives come visit me anymore ;)). Of course, then I went to the library today, and on their used book shelf was a series of kids Bible story books. Now, I couldn’t just leave those there, could I? 😎


One thought on “Decluttering . . . progress?

  1. Crystal

    Thanks for sharing your collection with us! Our husbands will be fine. Although I still haven’t had a chance to go through the boxes since they came home from your place! 😆

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