Rest & Relaxation

I haven’t blogged all week. It’s not that it’s been terribly busy — probably more that I’m out of the routine of things with our summer schedule. The only thing “officially” on the schedule for the girls and I is storytime once a week. Other than that, we’ve been filling our time with lots of playdates and other fun activities. Kevin’s busy with work — it’s summer, so there are lots of deadlines to meet. But we all got a break this weekend, and went camping at Peace Island Park. Kevin drove us out at noon on Friday already (since he was helping someone move Friday after work) and we took the neighbour kids along for the afternoon . . . and picked up two more kids at the campground . . . and found the mud and the tadpoles . . . the girls had a blast! The rest of the weekend they spend on the playground with their newfound friends and newfound freedom (we were close enough to the playground that Talia & Kaisa could go on their own — they thought that was just GREAT). Now we’re home and mostly cleaned up. Kevin went for a round of golf with his brother (Happy Birthday, Ken) and the girls are playing in the tub . . . dinner tonight is at Grandma’s, celebrating Ken (& Morgan’s) birthday’s — so I don’t even have to cook tonight. I’m rested up and ready to face the week.


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