Sylvan Lake

Even though we knew the provincial park by Sylvan Lake was all booked up for the long weekend, we decided to give it a try – if only for a day or two before the weekend started. Well, we were in luck. They had a site for us right through ’til Sunday morning. We had SUCH a good time. The weather cooperated beautifully, and we had at least one meal a day at the beach (starting with supper on Wednesday). Sylvan Lake is so shallow that even Talia & Kaisa could walk WAY out. The girls became quite the expert sandcastle builders too :). Thursday afternoon, we went to the waterslides – the school groups had left already, and there were essentially no line ups. Yesterday – Canada Day – we got a taste of what Sylvan Lake is like at its peak – there were CROWDS everywhere (and there was no such thing as beachfront parking that day!). But the girls enjoyed getting their Canada flags and tattoos and candy sticks, and we did manage to find a piece of “waterfront property” for the sandcastle of the day. So, today we’re on our way homewards. We’re not quite sure where we’re spending the night yet, but we have lots of time to figure that out.


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