Daddy’s taking us to the Zoo …

Today was another beautiful HOT day – almost too hot for the zoo – but that’s where we had decided to meet the other eMi family so that our kids could get to know each other. And we stepped out in faith – we decided to buy annual passes right away;). Most of the animals were smart and stayed in the shade – but that didn’t stop the kids from having a GREAT time. They especially enjoyed discovering what “screamers” were (no, they’re not some exotic animal – they’re a combination of a slushie with soft icecream – and they were quite a hit!)
After our day at the zoo, we all headed to Greg & Julie’s house, picking up Pizza on the way. The kids played, the adults visited, and a good time was had by all:)
We’re basically done in Calgary now – we’ve got a better idea of the housing market and the kinds of decisions we’ll have to be making in the next couple months, we’ve touched base with the eMi office again, our kids have made some friends (both today, and yesterday when we spent the evening with one of Kevin’s cousins & his family). Tomorrow we’re off to Sylvan Lake for some REAL camping and some REAL holiday 🙂


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