House Hunting

After a GOOD night’s sleep, today was our day for house hunting. We spent last night at Kevin’s aunt & uncle’s (still in the trailer), and Kevin’s parents are here too – so we actually got to leave the kids here for the day while we got our bearings in the Calgary housing market.
It’s pretty scary – houses are regularly selling ABOVE the list price, offers are often accepted at specified times only, and of the 7 houses that met our search criteria, 2 were sold before we got a chance to look at them. Of the 5 we looked at, all were attached dwellings, most had condo fees, and only one had more than 10 feet of backyard. One house would definitely have been okay – but offers are being accepted tomorrow at 2, and we didn’t feel quite that ready ;). We’ll take another look on Monday in a slightly higher price range (that would end up being equivalent to a cheaper place when you figure in the condo fees).
The realtor is really nice – and very supportive of eMi. It’s nice feeling that he really does have our best interests at heart (we had to ask about the higher price range – he didn’t want to push us into anything more expensive than we were comfortable with!)
So, our head is still spinning – but we’re encouraged that we will find the right place for us.
Tomorrow we get to take the day off – we’re hoping to go to Drumheller for the afternoon. Then Monday we’ll go by the eMi office, look at some more houses, and do some more visiting …


0 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Me

    WOW!!! What fun?!?!?! The yards and how narrow each property is what boggles my mind about the houses in Calgary. Staying in my sis’ basement suite last summer – I could sleep sideways in the living room and touch both walls and that was the width of her house. CRAZY!!! I pray you find the perfect place in HIS timing. GB’s.

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