Ready to Go!

Well, the trailer's packed, the trailer brakes work again, the vehicle is just about ready to go . . . we're really just waiting for Kevin to come home from work (and that could be any minute now). Talia & Kaisa are over at the neighbours (getting wet :)) and I'm trying to do last minute things around the house . . . then it's HOLIDAYS!

I'm still not sure how much "holidays" we'll get out of this trip. I'm hoping the house-hunting doesn't become all-consuming . . . that we also get a chance to just relax. We've got lots of people praying for us, so it will all work out . . . if you want to be receiving our prayer updates, send us an e-mail or leave us a comment and let us know.
I cleared off my camera today to get it ready for holidays, and found this CUTE photo of our young eMi volunteer 😉 . . . I just had to share (Talia's helping cut out our laminated prayer magnets):

eMi volunteer

Anyhow, I'll try to update the blog once in a while when we're on holidays — but I haven't tried doing that from Kevin's blackberry yet. If you don't hear anything for a bit, then I couldn't figure it out 🙂


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