English Corner BBQ

The English Corner Year End BBQ ended a busy day for us — but it was SO much fun.  Talia & Kaisa are just barely in bed (and definitely not sleeping yet!).  I have to admit, I was a bit worried earlier — we had a beautiful HOT day, and then just before we were ready to set up outside, the rain clouds rolled in.  But thankfully, the rain was over and we even had time to setup before the crowd came.  And it was a crowd.  We had all our regular participants there, plus a few “alumni — and of course, some spouses and kids.  (After supper, the kids migrated to Penny’s yard for the trampoline, while the adults “conversed” or tried out Bocce in our yard — the two yard system worked great 😉 ).  It really has been such a wonderful group for English Corner this year — they’ve connected well with us and with each other.  We had people here from Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland, Germany (& Canada– & even the U.S.)  I’m thrilled with the helpers God has prepared for next year — though it’s still just a little bit hard to give English Corner up . . . to step back and let others take the reins . . . 

Earlier today, Talia had one of her preschool friends over — who happens to be in Kaisa’s Sunday School class.  It took him a little while to warm up, but soon the three of them were having an absolute BLAST.  Talia filled up the pool and everyone managed to get wet.  I got to visit with his Mom, and we’re already looking forward to the next visit.  

Then Kevin and I had a bank appointment, so that we could try to get things in order just in case we find a house next week.  Please pray for us as we spend some time with a realtor in Calgary.  Pray that if the house God has for us is on the market, that we’d both find it and recognize it!  I’m praying for a house in a convenient enough location that I can be involved in the eMi office too.  Oh — and pray that if God DOESN’T want us to buy a house yet that we’d recognize that too (so that we can enjoy the rest of our vacation!).


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