Productive Day

I got lots done on the house today . . . a combination of the girls being gone all morning (Kaisa at gymnastics, Talia at her friends') and the extra motivation of Kevin bringing some co-workers home to look at the house (no, it's not for sale yet — they just wanted to see if it's worth considering when they're ready to move).  They definitely saw the "lived in" look — and yet, I managed to get a few things cleaned that have been bugging me for ages.  AND we got the trailer mostly packed for family camp this weekend.  Maybe that nap yesterday afternoon did me good after all 😉

The last couple days have also been really encouraging in terms of hearing from some people who will be on our support team — both financial support and prayer support.  Our plan is to try to get pictures of all our supporters, and then use that as our "prayer list" with the girls . . . that way they can be more involved in praying for our supporters too.  We're trying to include the girls as much as we can, when it's appropriate.

Well, I'm off to spend a LAZY evening . . . 


One thought on “Productive Day

  1. Crystal

    Glad you got a few things done. Sounds like things are starting to come together for supporters. That is so wonderful! We will keep praying about that! 🙂

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