God heals cameras too :)

One thing I didn't blog about yesterday — mostly cause I was still feeling too sick about it — was the fact that I dropped my camera.  After coming home from gymnastics, I had had it on my lap and didn't realize it.  I got out of the vehicle, and the camera crashed to the pavement.  I could still view my pictures . . . but if I switched it to the take picture mode it just made this scary sound and wouldn't access . . . I took the batteries out, I tried resetting it, nothing worked . . . 

Like I said, I felt pretty sick about it.  And I prayed . . . all the while knowing that this was completely my fault and I certainly didn't DESERVE it to "fix itself".  Anyways, this morning the girls were painting outside and I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't have a camera.  I figured I'd try one more time . . . reset it again, tried switching it to camera mode, it made the same funny sound.  I bonked the camera against my hand a couple times . . . and all of a sudden I saw something on the screen.  I honestly thought I must have accidentally switched it back to view mode (you know how it is — you ask God for something and then you're SO surprised when he actually answers :)).   My camera works! 

That's a long story for a relatively minor incident . . . but it reminded me again that God cares even about the little things in our lives . . .  I can certainly trust him with the big ones.  He's got our house picked out for us, he knows exactly when we're moving, he has our support team hand-picked, he even knows when and where we're heading overseas.  "Don't worry" God says, "I've got it all under control" . . . 


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