Baptism Sunday

Today was baptism Sunday at our church — including the baptisms of a Romanian couple who first started coming to our church through English Corner.  What an exciting way to start the day — listening to a bunch of amazing testimonies.  Kevin took the girls to the playground after the first service so that I could stick around and listen to the second set of testimonies at the start of the second service — including some of the Sunday School kids that I taught way back when I first moved to Fort St. John.

This afternoon, it was Kaisa's turn to have her "performance": the gymnastics club was putting on a year-end display.  She got to be an elephant and managed to do somersaults in a bulky elephant costume!  Here's a picture of her marching (with a huge smile):

 Elephant Kaisa

Then this evening, we went to "Auntie & Uncle's" house for a BBQ.  The kids are sure going to miss having their cousins nearby!  Of course, that would have been coming to an end anyways, since they're moving away this summer too.  Poor Grandma and Grandpa — after have ALL of the grandkids up here, all of a sudden they'll have none!


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