Money Talk

Our first response form came in today! We've had some people TELL us that they were going to support us, but it's sure nice to actually see it on paper 🙂 Especially since we really need to wait 'til we have 80% financial support pledged and three months worth in our "account" before we can move to Calgary. So we need people to start supporting us now so that our account can start growing. . . .

For my family, the whole idea of financial support is pretty foreign. In Germany, because of the tax structure, I guess missionaries are generally fully supported by the church. The concept of a "faith mission" doesn't seem to be too common. I've had some interesting discussions trying to explain it! We're still stumbling through the process of how to raise financial support. I mean, God will nudge people to join us on our support team — financial, prayer, and otherwise. But we still need to do our part. And we're trying hard to learn what our part is :).

Today felt BUSY — this morning, Kevin's company had a multi-family garage sale, so we took some stuff over. We didn't sell lots — combination of the weather not cooperating, an ad not getting in the newspaper, and other factors, I'm sure — but it did get us sorting out a bunch of stuff. We're hoping to have a bigger sale at the end of the summer — so that I can sell some of the big outdoor toys that the girls are still playing with, but that won't make the move with us to Calgary. The girls tried to sell freezies at this garage sale (without much success, since it was windy and COLD this morning) and later some clodhopper packages (those went a bit better) — and they were very impressed to have earned "12 moneys" by the end of the morning. We had to rush to Kaisa's gymnastics "dress rehersal" then (she had to eat lunch in the car so we could make it on time). When Kaisa and I got home, we found that some friends had stopped by. After they left (and the truck got unloaded) we took the girls out on their bikes — Kaisa tried without training wheels again; she's getting there! Then the neighbour kids came over . . . they kept Talia and Kaisa occupied (and even stayed for dinner) . . . the evening, thankfully, has been quiet. I've been fiddling on the computer, and Kevin's been reading and watching TV. It must be bedtime soon . . . 


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