Kindergarten orientation

Kevin and I went to Talia's kindergarten orientation tonight — or better said, OUR kindergarten orientation, since kids weren't actually invited.  We got the run down of the French Immersion program, the tour of the kindergarten classroom . . . it's hard though, since we're not even sure how long she'll be in the kindergarten here.  If all goes according to plan, we'll be moving early in the fall.  And, if the logistics work out, Talia won't be attending a French Immersion school in Calgary, but rather the public German Bilingual school . . . poor Talia; we're planning to mess with her mind 😉

Grandma and Grandpa took the girls while we were at the orientation, and they're actually sleeping over there, so Kevin & I got a bit of a date night out of it too.  Boy, it's nice to have time just to talk.  It's amazing how easily that gets squeezed out of busy days.   

It's been a gorgeous few days though.  The girls and I have been walking to some of our activities, and it feels so good to be out in the sunshine again.  The girls ate lunch outside and I don't think they spent more than a few minutes inside between then and supper time.  It's wonderful!


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