Preparing for Sunday

It feels so official . . . on my desk in front of me, I have 100 pamphlets printed and ready to go for Sunday. I’ve also made up some business-card size prayer cards — I’m hoping to attach magnets to them tomorrow. Kevin has his “regular” eMi business cards. Our box of things for our display is starting to include things like bound project reports, phrase books, a Spanish Bible, a globe, a flag . . . my layouts are done (well, I want to tweak one, but the one I have will do in a pinch) . . . we even (mostly) know what we want to say . . . good thing, since we’ll be rushing in from Beatton Park Sunday morning before church . . . Kevin, Tony & James pulled the trailers out by 7 a.m. this morning (and they got some of the last few sites). We went out there tonight for dinner, and the girls would have LOVED to stay. We found out this morning that Talia’s best buddy from preschool will also be out there for the weekend . . . so between Morgan & her brother, Ashley, Kyler, Tristan, Alex, Brandt and whoever else the girls find out there, they should be busy. Kevin and I figure we should bring something to do — we might not see much of the kids ;).
I wouldn’t have picked the long weekend to speak at church . . . but I AM glad we’re getting the chance. This feels so much like the “kick off” to our support raising . . . our “deputation,” I suppose. I’m praying that God gives us the words to convey our excitement for what eMi’s doing (and what God’s doing with us) . . . and I’m hoping that the response encouraging.


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