Answer to Prayer

It's late (or early) and I should be in bed . . . but I just had to post before turning off the computer.

Penny came with me to English Corner again today — and confirmed that she WOULD take over English Corner when I move away.  I think the nominations form lists us as "co-coordinators" for now . . . I couldn't be at the church AGM, since I was at English Corner . . . I am SO excited at this answer to prayer.  A month ago, I didn't see any possibility of anyone who might be willing to take on this position.  And here it's my NEIGHBOUR who's going to take over.  Think God has a sense of humour? 🙂

It's starting to feel like my volunteer commitments are reaching positive closures.  There's someone lined up for English Corner, someone prepared to take over the Pregnancy Care Centre chair position, even someone to do the NPPCC website (though I probably need to do some work on that one before it's ready to be passed on).  

Tonight I finished the Cambodia layout for our display, and started looking at some other support raising stuff.  I've got to make the most of my computer time while Kevin's gone 😉  I feel like I have a zillion things to do before the weekend — but I managed to check quite a few off my to do list tonight!


One thought on “Answer to Prayer

  1. Crystal

    That is very exciting news! So glad to hear that things are being taken care of … God always provides. Doesn’t he?!?

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