Holiday Recap

Since I didn’t really get a chance to post this last week, I thought I’d do a brief recap of our time away. I actually didn’t realize how much of a holiday it would be — it really was a nice few days break.

We (that is, the girls and I) left for Vancouver with my parents last Tuesday. We took it nice and slow, with looooong playground stops in between (it was gorgeous weather) and arrived at Uncle Henry & Aunt Esther’s on Wednesday afternoon. The girls did REALLY well, all except the last hour — I think they had had enough by then! Later, my Dad drove me in to PoCo where I connected up with Kevin (who had driven in from his conference in Whistler) and some good friends from University. We had a nice dinner together (and came “home” to peacefully sleeping kids . . . how much better can it get ;))

The next day, the girls woke up absolutely BOUNCING. And they bounced ’til well passed their bedtime. My parents and Kevin’s aunt and uncle decided to give us some family time (maybe THEY just wanted a break from the kids ;)) — so we went in to Stanley Park, visited the aquarium (Talia liked Tag, the Sea Lion, best), found a playground, walked around the sea wall a bit . . . even when we stopped to rest on a grassy hill, the girls decided to bounce like bunny rabbits up and down the hill . . . . We had supper at the Old Spaghetti Factory (Kevin needed to stock up on Carbs ;)) and then headed to Canada Place to pick up Kevin’s number. We didn’t realize that there was a whole trade show for the marathoners — and our girls were the ONLY kids there. Boy did they get attention (and freebies!). The best part of the day, according to Talia and Kaisa? Getting a bandaid holder at the trade show, with their very own bandaids!

Friday was another beautiful day, and we headed to the Vancouver Zoo — this time ALL of us. We watched the lion feeding, took a train ride, took the bus through the North American exhibit, and walked though most of the zoo. Oh, and the playground . . . the kids thought that was one of the best parts. I think we all got a bit too much sun . . . I had quite the headache afterwards . . . but it WAS a lot of fun.

Saturday, the weather cooled down quite a bit. We planned a down day — there’s only SO much excitement our kids can handle. We did some shopping, visited another of Kevin’s Aunts and Uncles (Talia & Kaisa LOVED playing with the toys they have set up in their basement for the grandkids), and mostly relaxed. In the evening, we decided last minute to join Uncle Henry and Aunt Esther at a Mission’s Conference at a local church — so the kids even got to go to “Sunday” School. (What is this about us and Mission’s Conferences right now? Is God trying to tell us something? We ended up at a mission’s conference when we were in Calgary last time too!).

Sunday was the big day. It was drizzly and cold — but that might still have been better than too hot. I drove in with Kevin, and got to see him off at the start line. Oma & Opa brought the girls in a bit later so that they didn’t have to wake up so early. Kevin & I watched the half marathon start together, and then headed over to the full marathon start. It really was incredible. It took Kevin over two minutes to get over the start line — and even then he wasn’t running yet. There’s two times for the marathon: gun time (from when the gun goes off) and chip time (a timing chip on your shoe that times from when you cross the start to when you cross the finish line). Kevin’s gun time put him at 580 . . . his chip time at 538 or so . . . that’s what two minutes can do . . .

After the marathon (and after we figured out where we had parked the car in the maze of blocked streets that morning) we drove back out to Abbotsford to have a “victory lunch” with Uncle Henry & Aunt Esther and my parents. We said our good-byes and then started the drive home . . .

Now it’s back to routine . . . sort of. The girls played outside lots today (and wore out well before supper!). Their bedtimes were so out of wack during the trip, that it’ll take a few days to get back on track. They can sleep in a bit tomorrow . . . maybe . . .


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