Successful Marathon!

Kevin did it!!!  He ran 42 km . . . in rather miserable Vancouver weather . . . and was still smiling at the end :).  I'm so proud of him!   The race results are here: Kevin came in 580th of about 4000.  He got a medal and a finishers t-shirt . . . and I think he's just glad it's over with ;).  Watching the start was rather amazing . . . there were thousands of runners, all heading in the same direction at the same time.  Then I rushed over to Science World to see Kevin run by there twice — Oma & Opa and the girls arrived in time to see him go past the second time.  After warming up and drying out at the nearby McDonalds, we headed back to BC Place to watch Kevin cross the finish line about 3 1/2 hrs after he started.

Now we're in William's Lake . . . Kevin was fairly stiff after a few hours of driving, but other than that he seems to be doing okay.  I'll catch up on what we all did during our mini-holiday once we're home . . .


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