Ready for camping season :)

We brought our new trailer home today . . . well, our new-to-us trailer.  It's a 16.5 ft Bonaire trailer, about 3 years old — and it's beautiful!  We're pretty excited.

We really had given up on buying a trailer . . . we had been looking last spring already, right through the fall.  But because we don't have a truck, we were pretty limited on size.  We saw some nice NEW ones in the Okanagan, but nothing used — and we weren't quite ready to spend that much.   And then this year, with eMi and all, we decided not to even look.

Well, that was until Kevin's Mom told us that her co-worker was getting ready to sell her trailer — the one we had oohed and ahhed over when she bought it new a few years ago.   

It took us a few days to even convince ourselves to go look at it . . . and even longer to decide it would be okay to buy it.  Was it really okay to buy a "luxury" item and then go ask people at the church for financial support?    It would make our holidays cheaper (can't borrow Grandma's trailer when we're in Calgary).  Was that a good enough reason?  What would our supporters think?  Our old trailer would do for weekend camping, but not for anything beyond that.  Should we be spending our tax return on other, more important, things? What was the right thing to do?  I even prayed that if buying the trailer would hurt our ministry, that it would be sold before we made up our mind . . .

Well, long story short, we have a new trailer.  I can't wait to get back from Vancouver to go camping.  The girls will be so excited tomorrow morning to see that we brought the trailer home.

Of course, the girls could just as well have been camping today — they spent almost all day outside.  They even had lunch outside!  And they both got sunburns 😦  I remembered that I really should have put sunscreen on about 15 minutes before dinner . . . 

Oh, and one more praise item!  A friend who might be interested in taking on English Corner came along to "observe" tonight.  She'd be perfect for it!  Keep praying that if she's the right one that she'd be able to make room in her schedule for English Corner.


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