What a beautiful day!

With temperatures up to 18 C, it was just gorgeous out today . . . it's actually been nice all weekend.  (Great camping weather!!  We're looking forward to the start of camping season).  But today on the agenda was getting a nice family picture that we could use on pamphlets, prayer cards and the like.  So we "borrowed" Crystal and the kids this afternoon and went for a walk in the community forest.  The kids had an absolute blast, and we found lots of beautiful spots to stop for photos.  Crystal even put them on a CD for me already, so tomorrow I'll take my time going through them to pick which one we'll use.  

We actually just got home.  Tonight we were at Grandma & Grandpa's house — with all of us (including my parents, Ron & Linda, and Crystal and the kids) I think we were almost 20 for "African Dinner".  We stayed a bit longer to play some games — but when we put the kids to bed with a Dora movie & strict instructions to go to sleep when the movie was over, we didn't realize the DVD was automatically repeating.  Hopefully, they'll sleep in tomorrow!   If not, we could have some very crabby kids  . . . 


One thought on “What a beautiful day!

  1. Crystal

    It was a great day today! Thanks for inviting us to be part of it. I am glad to have found your blog! Now I have someone else to add to my reads! 🙂

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