Pamphlets & Progress

Well, I think we have a usable draft of our pamphlet done . . . it feels so official ;). We've been trying to put together a pamphlet that includes our response form . . . so it needed to include eMi's story AND our story without being too overwhelming. After three nights on the computer, trying to figure out what was important to include, I think it turned out okay :). I'll have to get Kevin to turn it into a .pdf so that I can post it on the blog. We desperately have to update the picture . . . the one I'm using is from our holiday in February of LAST year (and the girls have changed a bit since then ;)), but it'll do for right now.

Tomorrow, Kevin's speaking about Brazil at a church in Dawson Creek. Nothing to do with eMi — this church is just involved in supporting "Orlando's Boston Marathon for Water" which is raising money, among other things, to build water cisterns in Brazil. But I'm sure the topic'll come up, and it'll be nice to have a few pamphlets on hand. The girls and I will be going along too — and it'll be good training for them as MKs :), especially as this is a small church with no Sunday School . . . we'll see how they do . . .


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