The end of Date Night

Today was the second-last Awana session :(.  We're sure going to miss it, not just because the kids love it, but also because, with both girls going, Tuesday nights has become our standing "date night." It's not often that Kevin & I have a  regular chance to enjoy an hour or so of time together without kids.  Tonight, with the weather as beautiful as it was, we walked the girls to Awana and just kept walking. 

I SO needed that time, since today was one of those "crabby" days at our house.  And on top of colds and stuff, Kevin & I are really still trying to wrap our minds around all this: we could be leaving as soon as 6 months from now.  There's support to raise.  A house to buy.  A house to pack up.  A career to leave behind.  Friends and family to say good-bye to. . . .and, oh yeah, Kevin still has a marathon to run ;). . . It all seems so completely overwhelming.  If we didn't think this was where God wanted us, it would be SO much easier to stay put where we are.  And yet, we're moving forward . . . trying (really hard!) to leave it in God's hands.


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