Off to the races . . .


awana car races

Last Tuesday had been a busy day, including having preschool friends over in the late afternoon, then leaving Kevin to fix supper while I went to try on a bridesmaid dress, and coming home just in time to rush off to the Awana Car Races. We arrived at Awana, the girls got settled into the excitement of watching the races, and Kevin and I finally had a minute to connect.

"Did you see the e-mail from Steve?" Kevin asked. Steve (the Canadian eMi director) was supposed to be supplying us with application forms from the U.S. office, so that we could finally begin the "official" application process. Kevin handed me his Blackberry (sometimes technology truly is amazing) and I quickly scanned the e-mail.

The American office had turned our application process over to the Canadian office, the e-mail read, and, as Steve put it: "we met you, we like you, and you're in." Needless to say, I was stunned! We were execting a process of 2-3 more months (including a trip to Colorado Springs) before we arrived at this point. And here we were, "off to the races," with things sure to be gathering speed.

That said, Steve has since e-mailled some more forms for us to fill out before he can send out that letter of invitation that he has already written ;). But there's little doubt that once this formality is out of the way, we'll be beginning on the journey that we're still not sure where it will lead.

This blog will be an attempt to document that journey — and keep those of you who are joining in it with us informed about the process. Join in, feel free to comment, and enjoy the ride . . .


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